Lloyd George Acoustics


Daniel and Terry are the Directors of Lloyd George Acoustics, joining forces in 2004. The technical team are all members of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and the firm is a member of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC). Click on each of their young and enthusiastic faces to find out more.

Daryl Thompson

Senior Acoustical Consultant

I started out at 16 on a musical learning curve, playing records and guitars in bands around town which quickly led to a fascination with all things music. This led to semi-serious study in the form of a BTEC National Diploma (UK) in Music Technology, where I was introduced to the technical sciences behind the cool sounds I was playing(!) which were based upon first principles in electronics, physics and maths – who knew!

The transition to full geek was complete when I swapped gigging and chasing rainbows for scientific study, culminating in BSc Honours degree in Audio Technology at Salford University (UK). A key component of the degree was acoustics, and I spent a gap year (Year 3) on industrial placement with WS Atkins in London, UK, who at the end of the placement year gracefully offered me a cash injection (much needed as returning final year student!) and full time job upon graduation.

Side note – at the time of the gap year, there was a chance connection with a Perth-based noise and vibration engineering company which arose through my University course mentor – letters were exchanged, however the gap year was not able to be completed in Australia at that time.

Fast forward 3 years post-graduation, I’d spent now 4.5 years in London, cutting my teeth on a host of building acoustic engineering and design projects – by the grace of my exceptional mentors. I’d maintained contact with the Perth-based company, with the stars aligning in 2006 whereby the move to Perth was made. Again under the grace of exceptional mentors, I was able to develop my passion for music, building acoustics and engineering skills to execute the design and delivery of RAC Perth Arena – having led the acoustic design, construction and commissioning program over a 5-year period to completion in November 2012.

The next 9 years were spent as Director of Sealhurst Pty Ltd which represented my own take on acoustic consulting as a business. It was over this time that Terry and I would become acquainted professionally as technical peers and from which the opportunity to join Lloyd George Acoustics would present itself, where I now happily reside.
The connecting theme has my passion for sound and our human responses to it – in a musical or purely technical context – and in buildings or in the surrounding environment. I feel fortunate to have been given these skills, for which I am truly grateful.

Outside of work you will find me hanging out with my dog Tobin enjoying building projects on our farm property; in my music studio “keeping the dream alive(!)”; playing ice hockey or going off-road on 4WD camping adventures in the outback.