Lloyd George Acoustics


Daniel and Terry are the Directors of Lloyd George Acoustics, joining forces in 2004. The technical team are all members of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and the firm is a member of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC). Click on each of their young and enthusiastic faces to find out more.

Matthew Moyle

Associate Director 

Thanks to my environmental engineer father, with a love for rubbish dumps in 3rd world countries, I spent most of my early life in the country of Indonesia. In the midst of this foreign culture where I grew up with Americans and spoke two languages, I discovered that I had a knack for fixing things. Actually, I had a knack for breaking things born from my pursuit to learn how things work. Needless to say, I soon found myself on the path to becoming an engineer!

After we returned to Australia, I completed high school in 2002 and went on to graduate a Mechatronic Engineer from Adelaide University four years later. Wasting no time, I snapped up a job with a defence manufacturing company where I worked for six years as a mechanical engineer.

Looking for a new challenge and a change of scenery, I approached Daniel for an opportunity to head west! After promising to teach him the fine art of fishing, he offered me a place on his team – which I gladly accepted!

When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my wife and three little kids and tinkering with gadgets and toys (ie. fixing them when the kids break them!). I also love the outdoors and staying active and I will rarely turn down a game of basketball, tennis or golf. I enjoy soaking up new experiences and I can often be heard asking my wife “What’s one more hobby?” or “How hard could it be?”