Lloyd George Acoustics

Occupational Health & Safety

Both the Mines and Worksafe Regulations are concerned with noise induced hearing loss to employees at work sites. Although the obvious solution is to issue hearing protection, noise control at the source should firstly be considered. There are also other options such as shift rotation or minimising the time personnel spend in certain areas. Even with regards to hearing protection, there are so many to choose from, it is important to select the right ones for the right person so they are not under-protected or over-protected.

Lloyd George Acoustics has hand held sound level meters to undertake these noise assessments, as well as noise dose badges. The dose badges are convenient in that they can be worn by a person for their entire shift and provide a time history of noise exposure throughout the day.

We also have the equipment and expertise to assess workplace vibration exposure. Our vibration meters allow us to test and certify a host of vibration exposure standards to meet your requirements.

With the equipment and experience, we can provide you advice on how to best protect your personnel from noise exposure to ensure you comply with legislation, practical advice on noise and vibration control options and hearing protection selection.