With regards to apartment buildings, developers have a requirement to satisfy Section F5 of the Building Code of Australia. In many projects, developer’s now see the importance of good acoustics and strive to do better than the minimum performance requirements of the BCA and may rate their building against the Association of Australasian Acoustic Consultants Star Rating System.

Our input can be in relation to design of wall systems, floor systems as well as advice in relation to minimising noise from hydraulic and mechanical services.

Even where there is no regulatory requirement, many commercial developments may engage an acoustic consultant as prospective tenants expect higher levels of acoustic privacy and control.

Buildings are also subject to environmental acoustics and transportation acoustics. Noise from transportation must be considered in order to provide an appropriate level of internal amenity. The mechanical services associated with developments will result in noise to neighbours that must be controlled to not cause a nuisance.

There are also those buildings such as restaurants or auditoriums that require acoustic quality inside the space, for the comfort of the occupants. Advice can be provided in these instances also.

As well as providing advice during the design stages of projects, we can assist during construction by way of site inspections and site airborne and impact testing, measurements of services etc…

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